Junior Tennis Lessons

Singapore Tennis Lessons For Kids

Do you want your kids to learn tennis and help him develop into a great tennis player like Roger Federer?  If so, you better get your kids to start early.  Little Roger hit his first tennis ball over the net at three-and-a-half years old.  At four, he could already hit twenty or thirty balls in a row.

The emphasis of these lessons is to ensure that the kids have fun and at the same time teaching them skills that will sustain their interest and give them a desire to play tennis for life.

I have developed a series of fun and entertaining games and tennis drills with this in mind.  I have found that it works well and is an extremely positive environment for the kids to learn and discover their own strengths and abilities.

The junior program:

Beginner level (5-10yrs)

A course to introduce young kids into the game.  Lots of games will be used and kids will be taught the basics which includes:

  • Ball skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Basic ground strokes

Intermediate/Advanced level (11-18yrs)

A course progression from the beginner level, whereby kids will be taught to enhance their basic techniques and introduced to more tournament training.