The tennis program lived up to my expectations , Jeremy was well prepared and was helpful. I find that through the training, I am able to learn faster the basics of tennis. I would definitely recommend Jeremy to others.

Name: Aryan Srivastava
Location: 8 @ Woodleigh Condo
Occupation: Student
Level: Beginner









I find that the pace of the tennis program was the most valuable and I accomplished the objectives of the program after 10 lessons. I would strongly recommend Jeremy to others who wants to learn tennis.

 Name: Harshal Archarya
Location: Infiniti Condo
Occupation: Director
Level: Intermediate







Photo 11-11-15 10 08 54 am

The tennis lessons are affordable and well-tailored to my standards. I would recommend the tennis program to others.

Name: Yen Ruong
Location: Bedok Tennis Centre
 Level: Beginner







Photo 18-11-15 6 58 10 pm

I feel that I’m improving. Yes, I would recommend the tennis program to others, as I have found Jeremy to be a friendly and encouraging coach. He did not make me feel intimidated and has been working steadily to improve my tennis.

Name: Jessica Bramley-Alves
Location: Blossoms @ Woodleigh
Occupation: Research
Level: Beginner








Photo 22-11-15 6 13 39 pm

Surgit: I have learnt all the basics of tennis, especially the grips. Yes, I would recommend this tennis program to others because it is good to know the basics before you started playing. Amit: Instructor is a very nice person and give feedbacks regularly. Yes, I would recommed the tennis program to others as it is meeting my expectations.

Name: Surgit Singh, Amit Gupta
Location: Pinevale Condo
Occupation: Service (IT)
Level: Beginner – Intermediate











Photo 23-11-15 10 23 46 am

Ethan: Jeremy has helped me to improve the fundamentals of strokes, serves etc. Yes, I would recommend the program to others because there is a balanced regime of training for the sport, not only hitting the ball. Lik Chee: I find that strokes corrections are the most valuable about this program. Yes, I would recommend Jeremy to others as he is a patient coach and caters to individual needs, especially good for people who wants to pick up tennis again after awhile.

Name: Ethan Ong, Wong Lik Chee
Location: Foresque Residences
Occupation: Self-employed, Storage co-ordination
Level: Beginner














Photo 11-12-15 8 09 44 am

Jeremy is able to readily identify the areas that needed focus and his breaking down into manageable parts really helps. Jeremy’s teaching technique/program is very well structured and will be beneficial to everyone keen on learning/improving in the game. I feel that refinement of technique is most valuable in this tennis program and would definitely recommend this program to others.

Name: Sara Fong (From Perth)
Location: Bedok Tennis Centre
Occupation: Student
Level: Beginner – Intermediate












Photo 21-12-15 12 45 18 am

The activities in this tennis program gave me sufficient practice and feedback. Jeremy was helpful and well prepared during training. Yes, I would recommend this program to others because it is a fun way to start learning how to play.

Name: Cerinna Chan
Location: Foresque Residences
Occupation: Student
Level: Beginner – Intermediate









Photo 4-1-16 10 00 48 pm

The tennis program lived up to my expectations. Yes, I will recommend it to others as the instructor is patient and nice.

Name: Zhou Hua Qiang
Location: Yio Chu Kang Tennis Centre
Occupation: General Manager
Level: Beginner